About Ray

Who is Ray?

I started my IT career back in 1983, I was fortunate to have a manager that supported me in my passion for coding. Since then I have seen a plethora of coding languages and databases, some specific enough to be called unique and some that are now run of the mill. Since somewhere around 2010, I stopped looking at different languages and concentrated on PHP and MySQL.

Now that I am at the height of raising my grandson, 15 years old, I feel I need to calm down and just dwindle on the obvious, share my experience, code and passion so that others may gain an unfair advantage.

To you coders out there, sometimes there is that one tiny little thing that is causing a speed bump in your coding, My hope is that by sharing my speed bumps, will make you see a solution much quicker.

This website is a simple and clean solution that will show you a few basic things and hopefully give you answers that you were looking for.

Thank you for your time and your visit.

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